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Reprogramming our DNA

The Evolution of Quantum Epigenetics by Jerome Whitney

Reprogramming our DNA

Although the recent findings in the field of Epigenetics demonstrate that DNA has reprogrammable characteristics, the full quantum implication of this reality has yet to be appreciated in our contemporary era.

Over thousands of years intense effort has been applied to the development of systems for conscious reprogramming of our inheritance in numerous ways with varying degrees of success. In turn these efforts have contributed to the very evolution of consciousness itself. It is clear that the ancients had an implicit understanding of this potential as evidenced, for example, by the development of yogic schools of intensive self-development. The fact that individual practices of these schools have been ‘cherry picked’ does not diminish the validity of their intended purpose and effectiveness when practiced as an integrated systematic whole.

yoga2Today we go to yoga classes whereby we invigorate our bodies and stimulate its DNA while simultaneously looking forward to retirement at 70 with death at 80. To continuously support such contrary assumptions, thoughts and beliefs is to instruct our DNA to over-ride and disregard any long-term benefit that might have been achieved during yoga sessions. The gain then is only one of short-term relief from our deathist urge and perhaps dying at 81 instead.

How do we consciously communicate with our DNA? How might the energy of our immaterial beliefs, attitudes and thoughts instruct the hundreds of billions of strands of DNA thriving or starving in every cell of our bodies?

Conscious communicating with our DNA?

Our physical body is far more than a plumbing system for chemical exchange. Rather it is also enveloped within and without by a bio magnetic-photonic communication system. Continuously every cell and strand of DNA is emitting and receiving pulsating waves of light and magnetic waves.

Given the magnetic iron in our blood and its circulation throughout our body: every thought we think, every sensation we feel and every emotion that wells up within us results is contributing to the modulation of a continuous fluctuating beam of magnetic information to our organs, cells and DNA. In other words we are manipulating, albeit unconsciously, the bio magnetic-photonic field that permeates and surrounds us in which our body is enveloped.

Up until the present time, science has only established a significant usefulness for the three percent of DNA that has a protein coating along with grudging acceptance of ongoing functions for some of the rest. For many years it even referred to the rest as ‘junk’ because until recently no obvious chemical function was discernable in the remaining ninety seven percent. However, since DNA has its own unique bio magnetic properties, it means that there is continuous interaction of it with the varying magnetic field produced throughout the body resulting from brain function and shifting moods. Meanwhile all these fields are also interacting with the earth’s fluctuating magnetic field and this means that the billions of strands of DNA are being magnetically programmed as well.

five eggs all different colours and patternsFor an example of the influence of those fields let us turn and reflect on the eggs that are present in all women from birth. They are stored in proto-form awaiting maturation as needed during the menstrual cycle of their fertile years. Thus from birth each and every egg is being subjected to the magnetic field engendered by the stress, strain, thoughts, emotions, and diet of the potential mother. This means a conditioning process that may last anywhere from 12 to 55 years depending on the age at which she gives birth.

Have you ever paused to notice the difference in the nature off springs that are born to a woman in her early- mid 20’s and a latecomer who appears when she is 38? The ‘experts’ attribute this difference to all sorts of reasons and conjecture, some of which may have an impact. However, do they ever give any significant credence to the difference on the impact that her energy fields have added to the DNA received by the younger child, through those 18 intervening years?

Given that the primary research has been directed toward the three percent of protein coated DNA that is engaged in biochemically measurable contributions to inheritance: Does this focus on the overtly active minority DNA provide us with adequate answers as to the difference in the variation of her children’s characteristics? The failure to truly explore the potential role of the remaining ninety seven percent is akin to attempting to describe our twenty six-letter alphabet by restricting it to an examination of the letter “A”! The result is that the emerging field of epigenetics has had to resort to elaborate mind bending explanations to even begin to answer that question. Science readily accepts the role of the interaction of the internal magnetism of birds and animals with the magnetic field of the earth. However, when it is suggested that human behaviour is also influenced to some degree by such types of magnetic field interaction, it becomes a non-topic!

DNA and Quantum Interdimensional States

The fact that RNA-DNA has been found to be bio magnetic and an emitter of light frequencies means that it participates in quantum functions in that it has the necessary properties for essentially instant total non linear and non chemical communication. If one considers the three percent protein coated DNA as providing for the material foundation of the body then part of the remaining ninety seven percent can be viewed, on one level, as a bio magnetic-photonic quantum receiving and transmitting antenna.

In my article, Inheritance, New Miasms, and Epigenetics that appeared in the Autumn 2013 issue of Homeopathy in Practice, I outlined the political and misinformation factors that lead to the distortion of both research and subsequent public knowledge regarding inheritance and the potential for evolution of genes that has been carried forward since the 1930’s. The consequence of this politically manipulated history remains with us embedded in the bias of biology textbooks of our contemporary education system. This has meant that intense research into the quantum characteristics and qualities of RNA-DNA has been delayed and is yet to be achieved on a significant scale. However, the reality of DNA being the physical vehicle for a quantum interdimensional states may now have been established by F.M. Mihelic. in the recent study: Model of Biological Quantum Logic in DNA.

During the latter years of his life in the1970’s it was the teaching of Dr Thomas Maughan, Homeopath, that science would ultimately develop the means to monitor the subtle but real changes to the genetic code that occurred within a person’s lifetime. He further contended that miasmatic homeopathic treatment effectively treated far more than the immediate deep chronic inherited ailments of the patient. Rather it would also lead to improvement in the patient’s offspring’s from previous family generational history of similar affliction as well, both in their health and genes. This meant that homeopathic treatment would become validated as an effective therapeutic system for the improvement of the gene pool. Now forty years later there is beginning to emerge from contemporary research into epigenetics and related fields early evidence for the verification of these predictions.

From the early 18th century main stream science progressively discarded the principle of Vitalism that held that the human body-mind and every strand of DNA in every cell is permeated and surrounded by a complex subtle energy field with both preprogrammed (innate) and simultaneous infinitely programmable (acquired) potential. Meanwhile contemporary science has become frozen during the past 150 years in the chemical materialism of the 19th century. Despite the efforts of a host of grounded scientific researcher authors including James Lovelock, Lynn Margolis, and Rupert Sheldrake to ‘inch’ toward a more modern quantum understanding of vitalistic energy dynamics, the savants of science refuse to entertain any consideration of such a possibility. Rather, they are in the position of the dumfounded sages to the king in the Dr Seuss story of The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins chanting a mind numbing: “belurm-belurm-belurm” when ever there is even a hint of support that there exists a vital field interpenetrating and surrounding the human body.

Despite emergence of promising data from the various disciplines that have ventured into the study of bio magnetic and bio photonic field phenomena, modern science remains addicted to biochemistry and ignores bio-fields. Whenever a culture chooses one aspect of reality to the exclusion of everything else, it creates profound deficiencies and a growing imbalance throughout the whole. There is no disagreement that 19th century based biochemical understanding is essential to the whole of the scientific endeavor, however to ignore the wealth of research contributing to the understanding of fields that has been achieved during the 20th and 21st centuries is akin to attempting to perpetuate the delusion that a slice of a pie is the whole pie. Ultimately the culture will be confronted with the classic ‘Emperor has no clothes” dilemma.


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