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The Inheritance of DNA & Epigenetic’s Part 2

The Inheritance of DNA & Epigenetic’s Part 2

Jerome Whitney’s exciting journey of thought continues:

For evolutionary and molecular biologists, it is a virtual Pandora’s box that has been opened into the very region that was previously written out of existence and distorted by 70 years of capitalist vs. communist rivalry. Epigenetics explains the means whereby the dormant identical script of DNA words, sentences, and paragraphs that exist in every cell are transformed into unique differentiated structures within living organisms.

It is the collateral inheritable guidance system provided by the bundle of proteins surrounded by DNA strands that selects and activates specific chapters and paragraphs contained within the DNA script. Not only is foetal cell differentiation explained by orderly interactive protein on-off switching at appropriate stages of development but also how these variations are maintained throughout a lifetime. In this way skin cells only reproduce their own kind and brain cells do not reproduce as skin cells. However, despite the extreme variability that is activated in outward gene expression, amazingly the gene sequence remains the same!

Let’s take a walk into the garden of how NLP see’s DNA, perceptions and reprogramming:

We are all clear about the thinking on perceptions being projections, so let’s take a spritely walk into the fields of more advanced thinking on perceptions.

If you are new to the idea of perceptions being projections, here’s what you need to bring you up to speed:

….and this can work positively or negatively. I once (only once), asked one volunteer to step out of the room as we were going to do an experiment. When he was out, i told the group that what I was about to say was untrue. I made sure they realised it was going to be an untrue comment, then told them that this man had killed his best friends dog! Then I told them again that it wasn’t true. We sent everyone on a break and, completely unconsciously on the groups behalf, they all avoided him for the whole break. When we asked him how he felt (as he had no idea of the experiment), he reported that he felt “separate”.

So, even if you know on some level that the idea is false, the whole nervous system gets engaged with ideas and thoughts and the body starts to experience these ideas as some kind of truth.

Take a look at how this works in the mind:


cat seeing lion in mirrorThere is so much information out there, that yours and my mind have to delete, distort and generalise this information to make any sense at all of this amazing kaleidoscopic and tumultuous cacophony  of events that occur every second.

So there we are, the basics of perceptions.

And back to Jerome’s world view:

The same musical score yet distinctly differing performances

online nlp trainingThis reality may also be likened to identical music scores being directed by two different conductors. Each activates the same notes. However their differing emphasis and stress upon the interpretation of those same musical symbols renders significant variation in the audible performance emanating from each orchestra.

Meanwhile the conventional scientific community has yet has to fully overcome the untruths perpetrated by international Cold War politics. As a consequence it is struggling with acceptances of the implications emerging from the nicotine induced inheritable pathology trial. Entrenched beliefs and professional pride are difficult to overcome.

Currently the capacity for gene switching to erase specialised cell characteristics transforming them back into undifferentiated stem cell status is one of the major areas of investigation by epigenetic researchers. This is the capacity to return skin cells back into undifferentiated stem cells. What may well be even more difficult for many would be for them to contemplate is the possibility that chronic and miasmic homeopathic treatment serves to activate gene switching in such a way as to moderate or reverse the inheritability of the traditional and the new miasmic disease processes. Further, this practice has been carried out since1825 to the present day by homeopaths who regularly engage in chronic treatment of their patients. Such is the nature of a therapeutic system that treats ‘From within-out’.


Lest we limit our focus to epigenetic chemicals and cellular plumbing: let us not forget the implication and role of the on going field effects on the Life Force and our body’s natural electro-magnetism. These fields continuously permeate, influence, and modify our body-minds as well as well as every cell from head to toe. In fact those vital energy fields influence every strand of RNA-DNA and the associated proteins in each and every cell of our bodies as they replicate to yield their own kind. Could it be that the natural body electro-magnetism and Vital Force also serve to modify even the nature and expression of the RNA-DNA over generations as well as as during the current lifetime?

In the materialistic mind’s unending search for the ultimate god particle, today’s featured ‘holy grail’ of ultimate causation becomes yesterday’s ‘ho-hum’ effect. Meanwhile a succession of new ‘grails’ continues to emerge with the passage of time. First there were chromosomes, then genes, then RNA-DNA, and now the flavour of the moment is epigenes. What next?

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