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The South Africa Retreat NLP Course

The Ultimate Retreat: NLP Practitioner Training with an African Twist

Imagine embarking on a transformative journey of personal growth and professional development in a serene and rejuvenating setting, indulging in delicious culinary creations and luxuriating in comfortable accommodations in the heart of South Africa. Such is the allure of an African retreat-style NLP Practitioner training course with a 5-star chef providing exquisite meals and all-inclusive accommodation. 

You exotic Learning Environment:

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Our NLP Practitioner training course provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience designed to immerse you fully and foster focused engagement. By escaping the daily distractions and joining a community of like-minded individuals in a peaceful African setting, you create the perfect atmosphere for profound learning and personal growth. The serene ambiance enables heightened concentration and absorption of NLP principles and techniques, amplifying the training’s effectiveness.

Personalised Attention:

Our retreat-style NLP Practitioner training course offers a remarkable experience with seasoned trainers committed to providing personalised attention to every participant. With smaller group sizes, our trainers can customise their guidance and support to meet individual needs, resulting in a more rewarding and meaningful learning journey. Terry Elston, a renowned trainer, is typically the facilitator, bringing his expertise to create a safe environment for exploration, growth, and the practical development of NLP skills.

Nourishment for all the Senses:

An exceptional aspect of our retreat-style NLP training is the presence of Dominik, our talented 5-star chef, who crafts culinary masterpieces that will delight your taste buds. Using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, he creates delightful meals that nourish your body and evoke a sense of indulgence and appreciation. Sharing these gourmet experiences with fellow participants fosters camaraderie and adds an element of relaxation and pleasure, contributing to a holistic approach to personal growth.

Amazing Luxury Accommodation:


The transition from hotels to our retreat-style NLP training in Africa was unmistakable as the ambiance, comfort, and personal touch became palpable. The luxurious and comfortable accommodations play a significant role in promoting overall well-being and relaxation. Whether it’s a charming cottage nestled in the nature reserve – or a serene guest room surrounded by lakes and wildlife, our thoughtfully chosen accommodations offer a tranquil sanctuary where participants can unwind, recharge, and seamlessly integrate their learning. By prioritising quality rest and rejuvenation, we enhance the transformative process, enabling participants to absorb NLP teachings and experiences more profoundly.

Like Minded People – Networking Internally and Externally:

In addition to the training sessions, a retreat-style NLP Practitioner course provides abundant opportunities for networking and building connections with individuals who share similar interests. Engaging in shared activities, meals, and relaxation time cultivates a strong sense of community and support, leading to lasting friendships and professional relationships. The retreat environment fosters open dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of experiences, enriching the learning journey with diverse perspectives that extend beyond the training itself.

The Ultimate Venue for your Mind-Body Experiences:

By combining NLP Practitioner training with a retreat-style experience featuring a 5-star chef and all-inclusive accommodations, we create an exceptional and unforgettable journey. Beyond the comprehensive NLP teachings and practical skills acquired, participants enjoy an immersive learning environment, personalised attention, sensory delights, rejuvenating accommodations, and the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with fellow participants.

These retreat-style training courses provide an ideal setting for personal growth, self-discovery, and professional development. They offer a unique blend of education, relaxation, and indulgence, enabling participants to unlock their fullest potential while savouring life’s finer aspects. So why not embark on this extraordinary journey that nurtures both the mind and body, and experience the profound benefits of a retreat-style NLP Practitioner training course?

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