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How do you use NLP within your Life?

When you look at taking an NLP training, you’d obviously consider the benefits in terms of your business assets, your technical skills attained and how much financial profit you may glean.

Yet how is NLP useful in your life?

When I first started out as an NLP Practitioner, my desire was for a career where I could be independent, make money and provide a service that I’d enjoy. Being Independent and enjoying my work came quite easily, the money did follow a while later.

NLP has a beginning in experimental research into how the brain and body makes things ‘real’- bad and good! How do we make illness and how do we make problems….and how do some people create miracles while others suffer poverty consciousness?

From this approach of curiosity, techniques come to the fore and these techniques became what we now call NLP. Yet the techniques were the result of experimenting!

So when you take an NLP training, the training should focus on how you go about experimenting with the mind, not showing you xyz techniques. For instance, we all have what’s called an internal world, mostly made of sounds, feelings and pictures (plus self talk). We call that the VAKOG for short (Visual, audio, kinesthetic and to a lesser extent, olfactory and gustatory). This inner world informs you and I what is good bad, valuable, or avoidable. It’s in the form of coding and very unconscious.

As you can see, it would be almost impossible to be on a well managed NLP course not to change some patterns internally whilst ‘playing’ with those inner worlds.


william blake quote about perceptionsThe inner game which is your perceptions, memories and decisions about your life are brought into the frame when you take an NLP training with NLP World. By working on those areas, you will begin to shift that internal ‘furniture’ around, therefore shaking the cage on how reality appears in all ways. And those perceptions are the very building blocks or codes on how to release limiting beliefs and challenge old negative memories.

How do you use NLP within your Life?

From experiencing your own inner world, you can then start to consciously manage these representations. Then your perceptions and therefore your life starts to shift alongside the conscious use of your mind as the conductor.

The more we realise that our personal development is part of any learning process, we quicker we can then bring the self-development aspects into the corporate world as part of the normal day.

terry elston and eva minkov shaking handsFor now, I have managed to get at least the presuppositions of NLP into the frame of reference as important as you can see in the picture here. One corporate has framed six of these and placed them around the office.

1. There is no failure, only feedback
2. The meaning of the communication is the response you get
3. You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results
4. Respect for another’s model of the world
5. The map is not the territory
6. People have all the resources they need to succeed

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