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Your CPD points with NLP Coaching and Training

Coaching is an accredited profession

NLP World qualifies you to a certain amount of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points towards a number of qualifications, including coaching & Mentoring certification. This means you can become a qualified coach quite soon after completing an NLP course with CPD points at the completion. You’ll gain CPD points every time you attend an NLP training or complete an online NLP coaching course with us.

The Coaching Society has criteria for your NLP Coaching certification. We have listed these below:

At The Coaching Society (TCS), we recognise various different training methods to becoming skilled at working with people. TCS recognises Neuro Linguistic Programming (online and face to face), Time Based Techniques, Hypnosis, Meta-Medicine, Spiral Dynamics, Sports Psychology, Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), as well as some other therapies, as good practice for coaching skills.

You can use up to 80% of your specific training categories towards your certification as an accredited coach. Therefore from 100 hours of coaching hours required, you can spend up to 80 hours on any of the above training towards you certification.We require at least 20 hours of core coaching competencies in addition to this. You can acquire these hours from recommended online courses or other recommended coaching companies.

Combined with the training hours, we insist on you having at least ten coaching clients, with well kept notes and feedback from those clients.

Therefore if you took the seven day NLP Practitioner course with NLP World, you’d have eighty hours out of your 100 hours needed and just need to top that up with another twenty (from master practitioner or our  online course) and you will be eligible for certification.

So if you are thinking of becoming a certified and accredited coach, you can more or less do that through taking our NLP training, plus either the NLP Master Practitioner (we would include online coaching training for free), or simply taking our online NLP coaching program.


You can visit The Coaching Society by clicking here.

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