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Free NLP Videos – Conversational Anchoring

With this theme of free NLP Videos, we are going to have a look at NLP Conversational Anchoring.

Conversational anchoring is the newest version of how to transfer states from one place to another or how to link high states to old negativities and collapse them. An alternative way to anchor a subject *without* touching them and so improving your rapport! Terry shows how to pick up on the tiniest movements and “play them back” to fire off the subject’s state. Below is a more up to date session with conversational anchoring:

This first part is basic anchoring theory. Part one is about the theory and how it works.

Part Two are demonstrations of how it works. Don’t miss the dance at the end!

Based on the information so far, we are ready now to discover how to put people into a good state. So the first step in putting people into state is to establish rapport. The second step is to put yourself into the state you want to establish in them. The next step is to notice what ticks their boxes as you are talking to them. You already have the art of sensory awareness, so now you know how to notice changes in their state.

To get more deeply into their states you also know the Meta Model, so you can use that to “chunk down” on good states! Just ask easy questions like, “What’s it like when you are doing what you love?”, or “What do you love to do?” Just watch them go into state and then ask questions like, “What’s that like?” (At this time you get into the state you want them to access).” For example, “What do you love to do?” They answer “Fishing”. You say “So what’s it like when you are fishing?” They say “Great!” So you say “What kind of great, what do you really love about being there?” Just keep digging for the gold and use your awareness to detect changes.

When you see those changes, anchor it by using your own body and voice to feed it back. You know when you are being successful when they light up as you feed the words and body language back to them. We trust you ‘like’ what you/we are doing here and now know more about conversational anchoring.

Wesley Kew

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