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Quantum Linguistics 1

The Quantum Field explained, how perceptions are formed, Existence Awareness Possibility, and ‘It’s good not to know!’

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Quantum Linguistics (MP3 Set)

If you have watched movies like “What The Bleep” or read books such as “The Holographic Universe”, you are already on the way to understanding the beyond logic approach to life.

This manual and MP3 set looks into the nature of linguistics, how to use language to blow the boundaries of problems using skilled and the conscious use of words.

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Quantum Linguistics To Go!

This potentially tricky subject took us years to master. You now have the benefits of all our experience on how to train and ‘chunk’ this course to be palatable for an audience.

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The Quantum Bridge

The Quantum Bridge is an invitation to take the basis of language, understanding and learning to a new level. A level beyond words. The experience is always far more profound than can be described in

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NLP Master Practitioner Training Course

The NLP Master Practitioner Course is designed to take your knowledge and wisdom you gained from the Practitioner course to take you to another level. This isn’t some kind of movie sequel, but a whole

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Online NLP Master Practitioner Course

What’s Included in the Online NLP Master Practitioner Course? The Online NLP Master Practitioner Course is a complete, video-based training program designed to teach you everything you need to know, to become a highly effective Master Practitioner

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NLP Master Practitioner Training Course

Our NLP Master Practitioner course is a modular training course. The June/July course is a retreat, using an amazing venue in the country! https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/52331607 We have (limited) accommodation on site and we have a five

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How is Hypnosis different to NLP?

I get often get asked this question when I’m running my NLP and Hypnosis trainings around the world. The simple and most ‘chunked up’ answer is that they are the same, but have differences. In fact, some of the NLP you see and hear has come from modelling hypnosis techniques and then having the desire to find out how to get similar results with clients, yet with eyes open.

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NLP Retreat in South Africa

Your Ultimate NLP Retreat: A Transcendent Experience Immersive Learning Environment: Embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and professional development in a serene South

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