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How does hypnotherapy work? | NLP World

How does hypnotherapy work ?

In order to answer the question ‘how does hypnotherapy (or Hypnosis) work?’ –  we have to first understand what hypnotherapy is and what it is not. You can see another article on hypnosis and hypnotherapy to distinguish the art of hypnotherapy. When someone is hypnotised they are in a state of deep or very deep relaxation. The person who is being hypnotised is not asleep or unconscious (usually).

When someone is being hypnotised they are put into a state of deep relaxation so that the hypnotist can use suggestions to the subconscious mind. This is necessary because, if the suggestions were made to the conscious part of the mind, it might reject them. That is why the relaxed state is necessary for hypnotherapy to work.

The hypnotherapist then uses his/her skills with deep relaxation techniques and the conscious use of  elegantly powerful language to induce the unconscious mind to take on suggestions that it likes. The unconscious mind will not take on suggestions that are contrary to it’s values. People/clients may be surprised by what their unconscious mind will do, but that’s only because they haven’t been aware of their own inner world of values. That’s how Derren Brown and Paul McKenna can get people to do outrageous things; they have an idea of doing those things already programmed in!

The subconscious mind controls our feelings and emotions.

If you ever wondered why you felt/feel out of  control of your emotions, that’s because you aren’t (or very rarely). You have pre-conditioned reactions to each situation before you even know consciously how you’ll react. Benjamin Libet spent 15 years researching the time it takes for an unconscious signal to become conscious – and it’s about half a second. So your unconscious mind has already got the feelings ready before you even know!

His most famous experiment was meant to demonstrate that the unconscious electrical processes in the brain called Bereitschaftspotential (or readiness potential) discovered by Lüder Deecke and Hans Helmut Kornhuber in 1964 precede conscious decisions to perform volitional, spontaneous acts, implying that unconscious neuronal processes precede and potentially cause volitional acts which are retrospectively felt to be consciously motivated by the subject.

That’s why it’s a good idea to see an Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner if you know you have weeds in the garden. When you have cleared the weeds, rocks, barbed wire out of your inner world, you desires and intentions can manifest easily. That’s where The Law of Attraction comes into play.

Very often the reason for wanting to be hypnotised whether it is to lose weight, stop smoking, improve relationships and increase income. You and I may think that should be easy, yet these issues are often linked to a deeply rooted emotion or incident, that they have long forgotten about. And all the triggers, anchors and meanings are more than likely still buried in our subconscious mind

Now while in a state of deep relaxation during the hypnotherapy session, the hypnotist is able to communicate directly with our subconscious mind and work out those old issues and then lead onto implanting new feelings or emotions.

It has been scientifically proved that hypnotherapy does work and many people now see it as a suitable medical alternative to pharmaceutical medicines and other traditional forms of medicine. You can even get Hypnotherapy on the NHS.

So does Hypnotherapy work? Hopefully I’ve shown you in these articles why and how it does!


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