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Hypnotherapy Training | NLP World

Hypnotherapy Training.

How to choose a hypnotherapy training establishment.

There are several factors to consider when choosing:

  • Is the course accredited?
  • Will the accreditation lead to membership of a professional body?
  • Is the course online or classroom based (important if your time is limited)?
  • Are the tutors correctly qualified to give hypnotherapy training?
  • If the student requires any special needs facilities, are they provided?
  • Will the course provide you with the necessary professional and business knowledge needed to run a successful hypnotherapy business?
  • Are the tutors failed practitioners or are they still competent hypnotherapists?

Let’s make a distinction to begin with: Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis isn’t the kind of act that you see on stage with Paul McKenna or Derren Brown. That’ll be stage hypnosis and is as similar as comedy and MacBeth!

With hypnosis or hypnotherapy, you’ll be gently relaxed until the therapist can gain enough trust to form a union between the therapists voice and the clients unconscious mind. So either word, hypnosis or hypnotherapy is perfect to  describe what will happen in the session.

In some countries and states within countries, they have rules about names you can call yourself. In Sweden for instance, only a qualified practitioner (e.g. a Doctor) can name themselves a hypnotherapist.

In the UK, hypnosis is  still unregulated by the government, even though you  can get it on the NHS. Therefore, any training in the UK will be accepted and market forces will determine who succeeds in their profession or not.

The length of your hypnotherapy training will differ depending on which company runs them and what their presuppositions are about how change works and how to approach the unconscious mind.

Our hypnosis training is integrated within the skills of working with the unconscious mind through the NLP training. Therefore however many hours you have in an NLP Practitioner course counts towards your hypnotherapy training in one union.

Understanding how and why people may change themselves at the unconscious level is more important to me than having several years training. As the unconscious mind is lightening quick, how long do you think it needs to understand how an issue works to sort it out?

And if you are taking a longer time, either to train people in how an unconscious mind works and how change works in alignment with the deeper mind – then the plot is lost before we even start. The deeper mind will feel ‘unspoken’ to if you do not have the ability to create rapport instantly in a session. Also the conscious use of language is paramount.

All these things get trained on an NLP Practitioner course. What we do not supply is stop smoking scripts, weight loss hypnosis inductions. We give the practitioner the understanding and ability to create trance states and then if they need to specialise, they can take other courses.

An NLP World hypnotherapy training is recognised and accredited by AIP, one of the largest hypnosis organisations in the world. Some of our students have gone on to be the most highly ranked hypnosis ‘experts’ in the world, outselling even Harry Potter for some audio products!




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