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Meta-Health book at Amazon

You can get the Meta-Health book at Amazon on either amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

This revised version of Susanne Billander’s classic book about cancer and other diseases is the 21st century guide to how the body and mind are working together, even when there is disease present.

It’s the scientific version of Louise Hay’s “you can heal your life”.

What’s inside the book?

Here an except from the book:

picture susanne billanderHow important is Your Health to You?

There are so many things we want in life. Some of us dream of money, loving relationships, success and more time for our loved ones or for what we really want to do. Whilst people who are unwell only have one wish – to get better!

Many of us worry that we, or our loved ones, might become seriously ill. This fear originates from our state of understanding that is totally unable to predict when it might happen. We tend to settle with having certain ideas about what might cause a disease. I would like you to take a moment and think about what you believe could be the cause of a disease. Feel free to write it down in the space below. When you have read this book you can return to this page, and see how much you have learned since you wrote those words.

Think about the word “dis-ease”. What does it really mean? Originally it was a word describing a state in which a person did not feel at ease, or was not in a state of “flow”. There was a need to label the meaning of a feeling or movement. Later we started using the word as a noun (label), indicating a thing or a state, in order to make it easier to talk about.

To say to yourself “I have a disease” is the same as giving yourself a disease sentence. The word gives us an impression of something definite, which is set in stone. It becomes even truer when we get this disease sentence from an authority (a GP or a medical specialist), because it sounds so definite. To us, they know what they are doing.

eBook of Meta Health: Consciously Healing Your Body & Soul by Susanne Billander | NLP WorldTherefore we often give credit to them when we are worried and have uncomfortable symptoms in our body. What we forget here is that doctors work with disease, not the resources that the body use in a ‘repairing’ stage of a disease. To focus on disease is good in order to understand the problem. By doing this we can understand the conflict itself. That is a good start, but not a soul…ution. Let’s stay in the notion of disease for a moment.

To make it even more filled with “dis” we label disease with even more not understanding labels. Latin names that describe the symptoms we are suffering from, make it even more frightening. They make the disease sound even more complicated than it is. And this is the winner for the disease. Now we give the response…ability to someone else!

That ‘disables’ us to have any ability in our responding body and keeps us in a circle of disease. I fully understand that it feels burdensome to walk around with amoebic dysentery1 or acoustic neuroma2. These are words that most people do not understand.

Now we can choose. Do we still need this not understanding circle that ‘unables’ us to find the answers, or are we ready to bring this disease knowledge to a higher understanding, where we look at the disease and solve it by taking responsibility subconsciously and consciously?

That vaccine is called Life and that is already in us whatever state we are in. We might just be ready for that. My question is also: Do we really have any other options in a world that is blooming with physical and mental diseases?

I will now share my experiences I have as a Meta-Health coach. The purpose of this is to let you know there is vast knowledge out there when it comes to disease. A knowledge that understands disease on all levels, an understanding that gives us the understanding that brings us back to focus on our being… Life.

Would it be valuable for you to learn about the natural principles of diseases? These are the processes that we are going through at different levels in order to re-establish the balance in the body.

If you answer “Yes” to this question, then this book is for you! META-Health is about using the knowledge from medical art and taking it a step further to actually solve the issue, rather than moving it forward with medicine. It looks like we have a time limit here that is closing up. We seem to not be able to move it forward for much longer.

We need the knowledge of disease to allow a shift in theory within medicine, a new way of looking at disease and healing. I would like to say that META-Health is revolutionary information. It is about taking all the valuable information we have, getting that together and leaving behind what is not working. It is all about evolution in a right direction, spreading information to those who want this incredible knowledge in order to take part in it – so in a way it’s about equality.

eBook of Meta Health: Consciously Healing Your Body & Soul by Susanne Billander | NLP WorldTo get hold of a copy, you go to Amazon.com click here

Or Amazon.co.uk here

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