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NLP retreat South Africa

The South Africa Retreat NLP Course

The Ultimate Retreat: NLP Practitioner Training with an African Twist Imagine embarking on a transformative journey of personal growth and professional development in a serene ...
SpaceX timelapse photo symbolising journey through time and space

NLP and The Magic of Language

NLP and The Magic of Language, an article by Terry Elston about language and Harry Potter
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what is nlp?

What is NLP?

What is NLP? An article all about the beginnings, and the nature of what NLP is really all about
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How does NLP work with the seasons?

This time of year is sometimes called Imbolc. This 'season' has implications to an NLP aware practitioner or any person that can begin to see life symbolically or through the eyes of metaphor or analogy.
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imagination nlp

A Christmas NLP Story

Once upon a time there was an 'energy brain' that roamed the universe looking for a home. It hadn't yet got any form and was purely latent intelligence. It desired manifestation and to be expressed.
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woman wondering and holding finger up to lips

What Career can you do after your NLP course?

What Career can you do after your NLP course? A discussion with Terry Elston & Benjamin Bonetti about the options you have using NLP as a career.
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what happens after your nlp practitioner

What happens after your NLP Practitioner course?

What is totally surprising to me is this state of curiosity, passion, exploration and playful learning that I was not too much accustomed to. That is, I can really give myself now the time to explore, to play with the tools
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