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NLP Books – Teachers Guide to NLP

The Teachers Guide to NLP is a comprehensive and easy to understand look into how NLP Works in the Classroom or lecture hall. Here’s a short piece about understanding The Meta Model inside The Teachers Guide to NLP:

“The Meta Model, NLP’s first formal model, was published in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their ground breaking book, The Structure of Magic, Vol. 1. It extended features of general semantics (Korzybski) and transformational grammar (Chomsky). The basic principle behind the Meta Model is Alfred Korzybski’s  (1931) notion that “the map is not the territory”. That is, the models we make of the world around us with our brains and our language are not the world itself but representations of it. We literally have whole worlds built of linguistics in our minds which are not the whole truth but act as if they are.

We all know how it goes: Kerry says “I can’t do that.” You know she can. So you tell her, then you both end up in an argument in which her self-limiting belief is strengthened by your well-intentioned comments. What’s needed is the kind of language that can turn the person to face a miror, instead of smashing the image over their head! We call this process of speaking, The Meta Model.

The Meta Model in Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of skilful questions designed to specify information to challenge and expand the limits to a person’s model of the world. It responds to the distortions, generalizations, and deletions in the speaker’s language.”

Terry’s’ work with teachers and pupils inside schools, the government and blue chip companies has helped NLP get the status it deserves in the world of learning and self-development. For him (and if you are reading this then you also),the whole dynamic of teaching in the classroom or lecture halls has been and is a fascinating art and science. Leaders and teachers have taken on the role of communicators and therefore have a huge responsibility to the people who turn up to their ‘show’.

Inside The Teachers’ Guide, you’ll find the most advanced and simple to use communication techniques and NLP skills, to take your presence in the classroom to a different level.

Here are some thoughts of what teachers’ think of the book:

“NLP should be on the curriculum for teacher training. This is a ‘must have’ book for all teachers. There is invaluable information to help improve your teaching and really useful techniques to get the most out of your students.”

Catherine Sprackling, Head of French, Brighton College Preparatory School.

“Terry has created an NLP book on teaching that takes the reader further than previous books I have read on the subject. This book is a practical human centred and flowing journey through the different facets of being a successful teacher.”

Glen McPheat, Teacher for Special  Educational Needs.

A recommended book for using NLP in the classroom – or any learning environment. Teachers or Lecturers who have a passion for delivering information will love this easy to use handbook; an exceptional guide to getting your messages across – in all situations!

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