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The notion of spiritual energy in success

Where does the notion of spirit or spirituality come in when we talk of  success?

The notion of spiritual energy has been either shoved aside as too fluffy or heralded as the king, but then seen as the one with no substance (or clothes). I’d like to marry the two factions together and exhibit the fact that energy needs matter to succeed and matter needs energy in an equal relationship.

As an entrepreneur, you may have realised that your ability to create, or sell your product, is not only a numbers game. my experience has been that the energy you put out there, seems to equal the physical returns. A colleague of mine and myself, frequently used to share notes that if delivering flyers, the results from that day were always higher than other days.

Yet, the actual bookings that came from flyering were not what increased the sales. The fact was that business in general on those days just went up, commensurately with whatever commitment we gave to the day. The phone would ring more, you’d bump into someone that surprisingly wanted exactly what you had, but nothing to do physically with what was happening with those flyers. I know that, because i’d ask the caller what prompted them to get in touch. Rarely was it as a result of the actual flyer!

To provide you with another example of energy in success, I remember sitting in Sweden and telling my good friend Susanne about my desire to work with influential people. Three days later, the UK government rang my office asking us to tender for some training with them. I had no contact with the government, nor had I placed any marketing towards my wish.

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We won those tenders and now have an impressive list of influential organisations we have trained, with consultants to the government as one accolade. So the law of attraction is partly about commitment to the result. Yet there are many other facts to achieving your desires than that. If you are a gardener, you’ll know that the preparation of the soil is one of the most important aspects to achievement. In one of my latest books, The ABC of Abundant Living the first chapter is called Prelude to Change. It’s all about preparation and the underlying invisible aspects for success to occur in business or relationships.

Another piece that is almost always missing from the curriculum of success is the notion of your purpose in life. The problem in talking about purpose for life is that you can’t find one anywhere. Of course they are as invisible as the connecting glue of life that we call synchronicity. Yet, from my experience and, I may add, successful experiences – I cannot take out these invisible aspects which seem to be as equally important to the success of a project or not. I’ve outlined these principles and aim to show them to you as part of a series of events aimed at uncovering the basis of all successful spiritual entrepreneurship.

The underlying theme will be that you don’t have to play everybody else’s game to succeed in life. In fact, you should be doing your life’s purpose and getting supported for doing just that. Yet that’s where faith comes in, because most people can’t even imagine that to begin with! Even if you have some outside acceptance of success with being who you are, how much farther can you go; and what will you have to confront to go the extra mile towards complete authentic expression?

You can download The ABC of Abundant Living as a PDF ebook here

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