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Fractionization in NLP is repeating the induction of trance which deepens trance, incrementally every time someone accesses the same procedure. You can accentuate this by mentioning that the client can deepen every time they access the state.

In hypnosis when the mind is in a deep state of relaxation it usually doesn’t want to come back out of that state. Frationization is the process of guiding the client back up out of the deep state momentarily and then taking them back into an even deeper relaxation. After the mind has been asked to come out of the relaxed state, it will want to go back as quickly as possible.

Using this deepening technique will help the client to go into a deep state of relaxation and receive suggestions at a deeper level.

Fractionization can be done either by increasing volume or by using instruction within the language.

We provide training in this technique throughout our Hypnosis training on our seven day NLP Practitioner Course.

There are several deepening techniques that you can learn on our courses in order to give clients an enjoyable hypnosis experience.

We provide training in the language to use, effective use of tonality, how to be in rapport to induce a medium trance state, various strategies to relax the mind and body and powerful ways to make suggestions and give instructions to the client’s unconscious mind.

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