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NLP Master Practitioner 2018

NLP Master Practitioner 2018. The most amazing course of my life. From the feedback forms we gave out we scored MORE than the highest numbers on the forms. People put extra numbers from the top ones and told us how incredible the journey was.

What makes a course run so well?

Having the right people does help the course move smoothly. Twenty Three people in an enclosed space can be a cauldron for pain, yet if the right ingredients are there, the meal can be very satisfying.

Then, how do you get the ‘right’ people?

There is no such thing as the right people! We had people from all over the world, as distant as the Far East. We had many different religions present, lots of differing cultures and, of course, twenty three varied personalities. Some love clear, concise bullet pointed instructions – some like more abstract training where they have to use their intuition. Some want to fight to get ahead in life, some like to muse and quietly go about their transformation.

As a trainer of NLP it’s our job to make the whole atmosphere conducive to change/transformation and get a group to be listening from an actively positive state.

I was taught a certain ‘right way’ to do that, yet over the years have achieved more results from focusing on the group dynamic and making strong boundaries with the assistants and myself. Plus making sure the room has been set up in a very conscious way. I am almost shamanic in how the room should be prepared.

NLP Master Practitioners 2018I will go to the room the day before and remove everything that doesn’t play a role in encouraging the delegates unconscious minds to be present. That includes taking pictures off the walls that have nothing to do with transformation, making sure all artefacts are consciously placed where they should be (including chairs) and the room feels right. You could say that’s a bit OCD, but it works!

You can think of a room like a womb (they both come from the same root word). If you view people like possibilities (seeds), then preparing the right environment, will allow those ‘seeds’ to germinate easily – sometimes even without saying very much.

Having one dedicated assistant is very valuable. I am lucky to have Natalie Rae with me, who takes care of people on the course, including the other assistants. As a trainer, I usually have limited time and energy to take care of issues during the training period. If someone has a problem in the group and I have to get back to training, my dedicated assistant takes care of it.

What about the training itself?

nlp exerciseOh yes, the training. Of course we supply the whole curriculum of NLP Master Practitioner material during the time spent with us. Have a look here. Yet when I have created the room in it’s ‘perfection’, the training starts to take care of itself, as long as I’m present. I have learned over the years, that NLP has a heritage of experimentation. Therefore, we should be looking to keep that idea close to our hearts as we are practising. As a trainer, I start with an idea for the group and then let my experience and the groups enthusiasm take us for a journey into discussion, play, experimentation (more fun) and eventually learning (real experiential learning) for everyone there.

In terms of experiments, we show delegates how they know much more than they think they do. We have one exercise, where they share shapes they are imagining in their head with a partner, and then whole memories. On this course, NLP Master Practitioner 2018, a good percentage of the group were able to access almost perfect memories from their partner.

Therefore, by these presuppositions, we can predict that they also know a huge amount about their clients, even as they walk in through the door! Plus that we are all interconnected in the deep rapport state, therefore what the master practitioner hold in their minds will have a huge influence on the client who are picking up these subliminal messages.

What is the main presupposition of the Master Practitioner Course?

nlp clinical hypnotherapy trainingThere are a few, but mainly that each individual is a powerful, creative human being that has infinite resources. And at present they have forgotten that! Our job as Master Practitioners, is to reconnect them to that which has been forgotten. And we have so many ways to do that, including advanced Time Based Techniques, which allows us to access any memories past (even past lives) and present. Clinical Hypnotherapy, enabling the deepest link to our subconscious to deal with pain, allergies and phobias. Meta-Health, showing the same cause/effect between mind and body that we have when dealing with purely mental/motivational issues. And loads more: Have a look here


What did people say about NLP Master Practitioner 2018?

Incredible Training! More than I could ever expect. Great intuition in delivery and total commitment to the people attending. This course has changed my life completely, I am 1000% satisfied! Simone Remolif Coaching Business Owner

Perfect! Perfect! It exceeded all my expectations and (as always with Terry’s trainings), a safe environment Linda Hamilton Ross Business Owner

The training even went above my high expectations! The quality of instructions were clear to the point and beyond. The ethical standards were super high. Thank you! Athanasios Sakavitsis Coaching Business Owner

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