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NLP and Phobia release

NLP is well known for it’s phobia ‘cure’ or release. It’s one of those ‘wow’ factors that has contributed to the lasting name in quick therapy work. With the phobia release, I can pretty much guarantee the phobia will be gone within 15 – 30 minutes (apart from flying and height phobias which can take a little longer). There are not many techniques on the planet that can consistently say that!

Here is a testimonial from one delegate on the NLP Practitioner course recently, who had a phobia released.

I though I wanted to share a little personal NLP story with one of the exercises Adam did with me. You might all remember that I really really really hated cock roaches. I still don’t like them but at least I don’t scream hysterically or feel physically sick anymore – as found out this week.

I have been scuba diving in Egypt for a week and one of the evenings I took my wetsuit up to the room and hung it over the balcony to dry over night. Yes you are absolutely right it is damp in there and kind of warm.  The perfect environment to hide for those little buggers when it gets a bit cooler in the desert night. So the next morning when I grabbed my wetsuit and wanted to turn it inside out,  guess what not one but THREE BIG Cock Roaches were crawling and flying out of it. One even run over my arm.

I didn’t scream and I didn’t freeze either. I very calmly stated ‘cock roach’ and fired my resource anchor and instantly Adams laughing face appeared in my mind and the whole episode when we did the roach thing at the course. I was really laughing hard. My partner looked very strangely at me but I think he was just glad that I didn’t do my normal drama queen.

I still don’t like them very much. I will definitely do another exercise on this – but I was really glad to stay calm.  And of course it brought back nice memories of all of you.

Sabina Herbst

Here’s an NLP Phobia ‘cure’ video.

This is part two: Part one is on YouTube as well.

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