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NLP Training: Changing Submodalities (Like to Dislike)

Using NLP To Change Submodalities
(Like To Dislike Script)

How to change the code of ice cream using the NLP technique of like to dislike in submodalities.

In this video, Terry changes the subject’s coding of ice cream and replaces the associated pictures, feelings and tastes.

SubModalities: Like To Dislike Script

  1. Can you think of something that you like but wish you did not?  Good, what is it?  As you think about that, do you have a picture? (Elicit the SubModalities.)
  2. Can you think of something which is similar, but which you absolutely dislike.  For example, ice cream and yoghurt. (Elicit the SubModalities. The location should be different!)
  3. Change the SubModalities of #1 into the SubModalities of #2.

    TEST: Now, what about that thing you used to like? How is it different?

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