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New Online NLP Training Program is here!

We’ve long had a good online NLP training series, and now we have finished making a brand new one – and I’d say it’s one of the best in the world!

If you were looking for the old Online NLP Training Program – you can still access that with your username and password – yet here is the Rolls Royce (Or Ferrari) of NLP Online Courses for you to experience – now. There is a button at the bottom of this page to take you to sign up. Or click here to enter. 

Big thanks to Amy Humphries for putting some great artistic and amazing technical detail into the NLP online series!

So what’s different on this Online NLP Training?

The first NLP online training was/is great at showing you live audio and video excerpts, and this new one has been designed more for the NLP Coach learning their trade, or a budding NLP practitioner who wants to go out and apply NLP in their own way. So we’ve ramped up the visual sequences using Powerpoint, filmed some new sequences to show the techniques being performed and integrated the workbooks to increase the way you learn NLP.

In short, we have made an Alfa Romeo into a Ferrari! Or a PC into Mac. Or a high street cloths shop into a designer range (enough analogies)?

How does the Online NLP Training look?

Here’s an excerpt of one of the powerpoint videos. This one is 3.5 minutes long:

[vimeo id=”74020726″ responsive=”true”]

Parts-example-web from Terry Elston on Vimeo.

And here an excerpt from one of the live videos: This one is 11.5 minutes long:

[vimeo id=”74020725″ responsive=”true”]

So as you can see, we really updated everything – got Jake Perrier and his camera team in to make professional videos and Amy Humphries to update me on my attention to detail with powerpoints and recording (yes you can leave comments somewhere if you find any ‘imperfections’).

There are workbooks that go with each module, tests to challenge you on your ability to recall what each video is about and a members area that you can leave comments and join a larger community of people interested in NLP Coaching.

Any comments about this program or questions you have, send to

Then you can be one of the first to enjoy (at a great price) the new Online NLP Training Program. Click here to get access: 




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