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Responsibility and Alchemy

Responsibility and Alchemy

When we attempt to change a situation of any kind, we are engaging in the elemental process of alchemy. This is also true when we are working with clients. They see a situation where there is no way out, either physically or mentally, there is a prison with no windows, doors handles or even locks!

You can translate this across to how we try and deal with individuals behaviour that we don’t enjoy.

Normally when we want to change someone’s behaviour, we apply heat or cold to transform a situation. That’s the same in physics too. The heat way is to wage war and try and transform via consecration, wipe out the bad disease with nuclear attack and hope something good remains. The other way is via cold. We will attempt to isolate someone, not talk to them, talk to others about them and leave them in Siberia! The same way we’d use anaesthetic on a patient in pain. Ring fence.

That’s what we see when we don’t enjoy Russia’s behaviour with Ukraine. We try and freeze them out with sanctions etc. They, in turn, want consecrate or apply massive heat to Ukraine.

Girl with headphonesYet there is another way, albeit not the trodden path of mediocrity. When you and I are clear on the intention, we can literally tune into the theme and play those notes from our internal keyboard. This does take time sometimes so it may not be overnight. Yet when you know the development stages someone is at – and where they need to be, you can literally send out that vibration with the knowledge it will happen. The selfless part of this is you’d have to be prepared for it to happen at any time, even when you are not there.

How does this effect me day-to-day?

Apply this to someone being late for you. Firstly, we need to know how that is relevant to our own development and where we are going. Then how does that effect the other persons development? Should we go to war on them? Freeze them out? Or play our keyboard and stay in our own zone. Because really we do have choice. We don’t have to wait, we can leave without them. Then if the answer to being late is that it has effected you negatively, you could use that to help yourself develop.

There still maybe a conversation to be had with the other person. Like “When you do that, this is how it effects me and makes me feel”. Or nothing. Yet you do have choice and can be responsible how the event made you feel.

Picture of Columbo, the private investigator | NLP World.
Excuse me Ma’am, but I notice you are late, can I ask you a question?
One client I had was 40 minutes late. Those who know me will understand I don’t take that behaviour lightly. So firstly I had to meditate how that is part of my development (finding my upset and not taking it personally), then I was clear enough to put my intention on that she is going to get transformation from the event of being late. So i started a discussion about her being late. She had the perfect excuse of her road being blocked by a fire engine attending a fire. Not being swayed by the ‘excuse’ (staying with my note of intention to transform), I still pressed her for enlightenment for her part in all this.

Eventually she came up with a massive insight that she never believed she could have any power over her circumstances in life. That consequent release of that limiting belief changed not only the issue she came to see me for – but also for her whole life.

The laws of attraction work to the best in our favour when we can embrace where we are developing and what – taking responsibility for what we see around us, and then taking action commensurate on our development, which should coincide perfectly to where the outside world needs it also.

That is responsibility (read respond-ability) and leads to your ability to make things happen in the world.

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