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The Power of Choice

Evolving towards being the complete human will involve using the frontal lobes, utilising the Pituitary gland and Pineal gland – enabling us to have the possibility of real choice. Our minds are the unchartered areas that still have not been conquered in our search for new territory, space and freedom. Yet how do you get access to pure choice, and then how do you know?

Some people will call the ability to freely choose, as the ability to train and use your third eye.

What is the Third Eye?

eye of horus egyptTechnically, it’s the pituitary gland on the physical level. In the abstract it is the place you can “see” from. The difference between the kind of seeing you do with your physical eyes and the third eye is everything. If and when you are located in the third eye area, you will not be in the past or future, you will be seeing in the Now. In the chakra system it’s the 6th chakra, the governing planet will be Mercury. ‘Mer’ for see (or sea in French) and ‘Cur’ for cure, making secure, a form of security as you will know what’s coming.

In the west, we place all our ‘security’ in pension plans, insurances and the notion that if we make enough money, we will be secure. Yet how can you plan for life’s ability to keep us out of our development plan? Can we really insure ourselves from finding our true purpose in life, even if that doesn’t mean a comfortable beach with a Pina Colada?

Yet when you know what’s coming, can literally feel thought the third eye area and understand things without logic and other outside authorities telling you – you really do have the kind of security that is sustainable and abundant in developmental materials.

Then what is choice?

Choice is the ability to have unlimited options, then being able to know which of those will prosper you most, in mind, body and spirit – and taking that choice. Not fettered by the past or the future. This is the true idea of goal setting. The goal is not actually important, it’s the development that you get on the way. So choosing, without hindrance from the past or future will be like you being a fisherman, throwing a line out into the future, to be present to the now on the way to catching your choice.

third eye EgyptOn the physical level, the relationship between the pituitary gland and pineal gland is like a conductor with an orchestra. One will wave the stick and the other will secrete the chemicals necessary to perform the action. That’s why choice is the most powerful friend an evolving human being has. In this world where desire can grasp a person and shake them like a mad dog with gnashing teeth, choice is sometimes the only saviour to call upon. The other route is enlisting an ‘expert’ from an outside source who knows nothing about your purpose or journey and taking pills that do not relate to your life in anyway, but only conduct an impotent band, playing tunes to lull you into obscurity or sleep.

When you enlist the services of the third eye (pituitary) via the frontal lobes in your forehead, you are literally saying “I am the Captain of the Ship and we are going in THIS direction!”

How do you make the third eye work?

There are many ways. One is meditation, meditation that is based on getting you to empty your mind to nothing. Another is the Now State or sometime called The Hakalau or learning state. A video follows underneath.

[vimeo id=”75115850″ responsive=”true”]

Since that video and within a year Joanne has moved to Australia and is having a good time there!

The next evolution is choice making beings. We learned to take control of our bladders at one point. next step to take control of our minds and at least have some reins on the horses of desire.

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