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What is the Best NLP Online Course?

Choosing the best NLP Online course to suit you

Distance learning is all the rage these days, and the best way we can fit in training with our busy lives. However it’s very easy to get lost in the myriad of different courses and since studying NLP is so important, then you may well be asking what is the best NLP Online course? Here we compare and contrast various online courses. Even though NLP World run their own online training, the final decision of course, is up to you:

The new online program is amazing. The visual covering all the program makes the training easier for me as my primary rep is visual. The notes that pops up between the live demonstration are like an elevator for success instead of taking the stairs and waiting for a time for each practitioner to figure it out by himself. Watching you work with clients is a great way to know how is like working with nlp with clients compared to learning the theories only. And the detailed pdf for each module are a good way to keep the learning in mind.

Overall this new training is an advanced version of the one before and it gives what others online programs don’t!

Imad Bou Saba

First of all, you need to think about what you want to study NLP for? Do you want the qualification of an NLP Coach? Do you wish to improve your business prospects and sales skills, or teaching skills? Or would you like to help others, and build a business for yourself in NLP? Whatever your level of expertise or your position now, you can choose to start this journey and empower your choices.

What does the course cover?

There are many different NLP courses online, and some live trainings; the choice is yours whether you want to go for a short course for business use, or for the full curriculum of NLP Practitioner. NLP World offer a great online course for NLP which includes the whole curriculum plus extra material purely for coaches. The format enables you to learn in your own time, on tablet, mobile or computer, and you need not have any NLP training prior to taking the course.

To give you a contrast, we’ve included a few of the courses mentioned below which may be of interest to compare. Also to look at the distinctions in coaching and NLP training:

Simple Coaching Course – This course covers many different aspects of coaching and enables you to learn how to coach and gives you a certificate, which enables you to gain a recognised Coaching Society qualification. This can be done live or online. There may be some aspects of  NLP in your coaching course.

NLP Online Coaching Course – This course covers aspects of NLP and how to best use it effectively. it may include videos and workbooks. It may include certification or diploma.

NLP Practitioner Training Course – This course is an accredited live NLP Practitioner course and enables you to train to become more effective in your practise by learning about NLP and how it can be used to improve your interpersonal skills, to work with others to release deep issues and gain accreditation with NLP, Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis.

Let’s look at a few online training companies:

Life Potential Developments: http://lifepotentialdevelopments.com/nlp-training-registration/ from $1500 – $1800

Excellence Assured: http://excellenceassured.com/e-learning/making-your-nlp-elearning-investment £449

NLP World: NLP Online Training Course  £449NOW ONLY £249.99! + NLP Coach Qualification available


Cost will always be a factor when studying, as we all want the best value for money without going over the top. In order to find the best course for you, you should do your research, taking into account that the cheapest course is not necessarily the best. You should take into account what the course actually offers for its cost. Are there any programs that allow you to pay over an extended period of time? Can you pay for a module at a time?

Prices tend to range from about £300 – £600 but buyer beware – some training organisations, charge separately for the assessment needed to pass the course. The most expensive course we have found online so far is a massive $2495 at SteveGJones

We asked previously what is the best NLP online course, and the answer is – the one that best suits you. Whether you want to just improve yourself, or whether you’d like to help others and build your own coaching business, there are plenty of great courses out there. Do your research and find the best one for you!

Have a look at this blog from NLP World as an example of the quality of our best NLP Online Course 

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