Advanced Thinking on Perceptions

We are all clear about the thinking on perceptions being projections, so let’s take a spritely walk into the fields of more advanced thinking on perceptions. If you are new to the idea of perceptions being projections, here’s what you need to bring you up to speed: ….and this can work positively or negatively. I… Continue reading Advanced Thinking on Perceptions

The Best Online NLP Training Videos

Here is another sample of The Best Online NLP Training Videos from NLP World. I’ve brought the best of full HD video quality together with the state of the art presentation media to make this package work for you in all ways. So here you have a workstation to learn NLP and NLP coaching with… Continue reading The Best Online NLP Training Videos

The Prison of Perceptions

Question: how do you connect to this world, this life you have been given and the strangers that cross your path daily – ‘armed’ with only your internal perceptions of what is reality? Perceptions are Projections. Perceptions are Projections. Yet let’s see if we can unveil the ‘mysteries’ of our minds. You are seeing this… Continue reading The Prison of Perceptions