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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with NLP World

NLP World strives to maintain a training standard that is  recognised throughout the world. With this in mind, we endorse continuing your professional development through studying NLP and gaining your CPD points at the same time!

NLP World qualifies you to a certain amount of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points towards a number of qualifications, including coaching & Mentoring certification.

You’ll gain CPD hours every time you attend an NLP training with us, or if you bring us into your company to train in-house.

About CPD

CPD – Continuing Personal or Professional Development – is the term that describes a commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence.

The CPD Certification Service helps organisations provide certified CPD and acts as a point of contact for those seeking to obtain certified CPD material. It supports further learning initiatives being undertaken by Government, professional institutions, trade associations, individual organisations, training providers, suppliers and so on.

What are the training courses covered?

Seven Day NLP Practitioner training –
summary  /nlp-practitioner-course/
four day NLP Practitioner training –
summary https://www.nlpworld.co.uk/nlp-practitioner-course/4-day-nlp-practitioner-training/
Master Practitioner training (14 days total – over three four day modules) –
summary /nlp-master-practitioner-training/
Bespoke corporate NLP training (taken from the above curriculum) –
summary /nlp-business-training/
Online NLP coaching courses –
summary /online-nlp-training-course/
Executive coaching (taken from the above curriculum) –
summary /nlp-life-coaching/executive-coaching/

Our NLP Practitioner courses are included in your CPD hours (up to 70 hours). Also our Master Practitioner program (up to 140 hours). Any hours spent training corporate  NLP will be included in your CPD points and we have online courses as you can see, plus coaching courses that qualify.

My commitment is that you get as much as possible for your future from investing in NLP World – and like any good investment – you should see more out than you put in! Please enquire with us about any aspect of continuing professional development with NLP World.





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