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NLP World Podcast: Introduction To Meta-Medicine Interview


Meta-Health (formerly Meta-Medicine): The reason why people react with fear when they find out they have a life threatening disease is because we have been taught that disease could happen to anyone, just by chance. The focus is put on merely healing the symptoms in order for us to get well again. Often we work against the natural biological process, which can result in a long and painful journey. With the knowledge of the biological explanation to what is going on in the body, you can see how perfect the symptom really is and support the natural process, thereby assisting your body in recreating health.

In this radio interview with Passion For The Planet, Terry Elston outlines how META-Health is based on scientifically proven natural laws. It is changing our way of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases. Click the speaker below to listen.

You could see this as an advanced Louise Hay (you can heal your life) piece that will give you scientific evidence as to the bodies natural trails to heal itself and adapt to outside situations, that we commonly call illness or dis-ease.

Think of it in this way, the body is producing different symptoms depending on what it thinks the problem or challenge may be:

One day a man witnessed a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon. After a while he decided that it needed help so he fetched a pair of scissors, cut the cocoon open and expected the butterfly to fly away. But it didn’t. When he took a closer look he could see that the wings of the butterfly were not developed and that it was unable to fly. He later understood that the whole purpose of the butterfly’s struggle out of the cocoon was that a mucus would be formed developing the wings to make them ready for flight.

If we were to draw parallels from this experience with real life we could say that:

  • If we wish to become physically stronger, the muscles will actually break down and become painful so that we grow stronger when they re-grow.
  • If we wish to become courageous, we will run into opportunities to challenge our fears.
  • If we wish to become rich, we will encounter situations where it will be possible to take certain risks which could be looked upon as hazardous but could create riches.
  • If we wish to become loving individuals, the right environment may be harsh and unforgiving to show the mirror to what we have to change in ourselves.
  • And if we wish to be healthy, then the body will provide any kind of internal situation to make this happen, which may look like disease or fever or any kind of symptoms that look negative in appearance.

The whole concept of the book tells the stories of how the body is always adapting to certain shocking situations and that as we move from animal into human, we still have much of the old animal programming left, in mind and in body.

Think about the word “dis-ease”. What does it really mean? Originally it was a word describing a state in which a person did not feel at ease, or was not in a state of “flow”. Originally, there was a meaning of feeling or movement in the word. Later we started using the word as a noun, indicating a thing or a state, in order to make it easier to talk about it. To say to yourself “I have a disease” is the same as giving yourself a disease prison sentence. The word gives us an impression of something definite, of something that is set in stone.

It is even worse go get this disease sentence from an authority (a GP or a medical specialist), because we often give credit to them when we are worried and have uncomfortable symptoms in our body. Latin names that describe the symptoms we are suffering from make it even more frightening.

They make the disease sound even more complicated than it is, and I fully understand that it feels burdensome to walk around with amoebic dysentery or acoustic neuroma. These are words that most people do not understand. Would it be valuable for you to learn about the natural principles of diseases and the processes that we are going through at different levels in order to re-establish the balance of the body?

There is a revolution going on now with people and the way they want to be treated.

I am not referring to the French Revolution when people used violence to fight the aristocrats to create freedom, equality and fraternity. The coming medical revolution has nothing to do with war and weapons. It is about spreading information to those who are willing to take part of it, so in a way it is about equality, but equality of information. With the knowledge of Meta-Medicine, anyone can take responsibility for their own health. Into the future, because of our holistic perspective, come to know more about health and disease from a Meta-Medical perspective, that will empower every individual. My view is that it’s all about natural evolution.

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We have a Meta-Health book which is one of its kind, describing in depth this valuable model. There is also a directory for you to look up symptoms and their corresponding events that will have lead to them.

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