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Kinaesthetic (sometimes spelt Kinesthetic) in NLP is the Representational System dealing with feelings and sensations. It can be internal or external.

Kinaesthetic words include: concrete, emotional, sensitive, firm, flow, feels, touch, heavy, burdensome, hard, weighty, pressure, grasp, lukewarm, foundation, stress, structure, demonstrate and phrases like boils down to, get a load of this, heated argument, keep your shirt on, get a handle on, pull some strings and start from scratch.

Those that have Kinaesthetic as their lead representational system like to get a feel for things and people. They need to feel the garment, squeeze the melon, brush away dust and pet hairs, picks things up and play with them. They need to be doing. And they process information slower than the visual and auditory people, often looking down while you are presenting- they are literally getting a feel for what it is you are presenting.

Those with Kinaesthetic preferences need to meet you in person. Talking over the phone doesn’t do it for them, looking through the contract doesn’t do it for them, they need to meet you, shake your hand and get a feel for who you are and what you can do for them.

Understanding representational systems enables you to identify client strategies and their preferred way of receiving information. If you know that your audience enjoys receiving information using the Kinaesthetic representational system, then you can use Kinaesthetic language like the examples illustrated above.

Understanding the language that appeals to different representational systems is extremely useful for sales professionals, trainers and anyone seeking to communicate in an engaging and influential manner.

If you take selling a property as an example, there are many ways to present the property either in Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic or Auditory Digital language. The more aware you are of the individual you are communicating with, the more you can notice their preferences and the language that they use. Then you can present information back in their preferred system.

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