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The Synchroncities of life

The Synchroncities of life.

There are no accidents to why people meet, what wealth they have and how they choose to make a living. My job these days is to assist people to get from where they are, to where they would rather be.

October-2014-group-pictureThese are mostly a mixture of practitioners of one genre or another, including teachers, health practitioners, NLP practitioners, EFT, Hypnotherapists, corporate managers and a wealth of other working magicians, all learning the art of alchemy.

The synchronicity and alchemy I am referring to are both natural offshoots of a life being lived with alignment and consciousness. And by alchemy, I simply mean the original notion of pulling rabbits out of hats; making something from seemingly nothing, via intention.

I’ve got a lot more to say about that, yet you may not want to hear or read that right now, so instead I’m giving you a free eBook that you can run your eyes over and digest in your own time.

It’s my eBook “The ABC of Abundant Living”. You could also find the hardback on Amazon.

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The ABC of Abundant Living eBook, click here

Just punch in the code “freebook” when you get to the shop payment section. You do not have to put any credit card details at all. Just your personal (which stay personal) details to send out to you.

There’s a time limit for this download which will run out in a few short days time, for obvious reasons.

It is a slightly older book and I have got more information, yet perhaps that’ll be for another time.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Eternal Mother

The goddess ISIS in mythology would represent the eternal mother, the giver of all, the plentiful. The notion of ISIS (you could also read ‘her’ title as Is,Is….the present tense) from Egypt is not a female goddess in simple terms as we have become accustomed to; ‘she’ is the notion of The Source of Abundance.

In science, that would relate to electrons, which are not yet formed into a ‘something’ until the need arises. Only then does the material manifest onto the physical plain. That would also be the function of brain stem cells; they become whatever is needed.

To understand the science of abundance, we will therefore delve into esoteric mediums plus the quantum field of physics. Don’t be put off by any complexities you may assume from the words esoteric and science though. The ABC to creation has some very simple messages. All you have to do is experiment for yourself by following the principles laid out here.

“Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature”. C. S. Lewis

Enjoy this free gift. It’s for you, because I know you are interested in how the world of synchronicity fits with what you want in life. And how the subconscious mind plays a major role in all this.

Stay close.

Terry Elston

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