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Synchronicity Versus Chance and Luck

One of the most prevalent conversations for the 21st Century is the notion of Synchronicity versus chance and luck.

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One of my former professions many years ago was as black cab driver in London. It was a very good job and,of course, I met a lot of varied and interesting people along that timeline. One of those valued customers was a statistician. Somehow we got onto the topic of synchronicity as coined by Carl Jung many years ago. I related a few stories of my experiences with the interconnectedness with life and were all pretty miraculous events (see my last post here for an example).

He listened carefully and then noted with mathematical precision that, if you or I want to make assumptions about things being connected, you’d also have to put into the equation, every time when something was NOT connected – when things DIDN’T marry up. Then, he asserted, you would be left with something that was more chance and luck.

And, after I had let go of my reason to be right, I agreed this is also a valid argument. And as I mused the whole combined truths and not truths, I realised one idea that had been left out. “But which world would you rather live in?” Luck and chance, where things just happen and you have absolutely no control? Or a world where your intention has an influence on worldly matter, where you can have an idea to which forces combine to set those ideas into universal motion towards your success?

Light experiment quantum field

As practitioners, our clients give us the power to guide their mind and body into empowering spaces so that healing on all levels can occur. To do that, we need an underlying philosophy that allows any and all resources, inner and outer to come to our aid. The idea of synchronicity is one of the most empowering concepts that there is. If you need scientific ‘evidence’ you may come up short depending who you listen to. Yet Niels Bohr over a century ago, plus many before him, were proving that in every experiment, the observer is intimately connected. That every electron is interacting with the very movements and observations you, yourself are doing. The was the experiment with light.

What Niels Bohr concluded from a philosophical point of view was that every time we observe what we call reality, we are involved with the experiment. We actually induce a response from the atoms around us. That wouldn’t be rocket science from those that understand that our minds are a mass of atoms that are made of similar (or the same) materials as the rest of the creative universal forces around us.

These experiments gave birth to the quantum theory which in turn gave us the idea of a synchronistic world where we are not observing life, we are partaking in its evolution.

When we are with clients, they are seeking to change something, to cause an alchemy between where they are (stuck in solid matter – it “matters”) and where they want to be (free, it “doesn’t matter”). Which is similar to the story of Arthur and the stone, where atoms (the sword, or you could read s-word) gets stuck in solid matter and it takes something to release it, to be “free”.

Therefore as a practitioner, to have the notion that your client is involved intimately to the issue they are working on, will give you a more empowering standpoint than if things have just happened to them by pure bad ‘luck or ‘chance’. And your ability to use powerful tools, such as linguistics (or S-words), to cut down old boundaries letting them become their own Arthurs (or also read Authors) is giving them their power back to start writing their own life story, regardless of their past memories.

Synchronicity Versus Chance and Luck

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