NLP and effective self-change

Two of our delegates in action

I asked a good friend recently what he wanted to know about NLP. He replied “How does NLP work with effective self change?”
So this post is my answer to how NLP works with effective self-change, or self transformation. When you think of developmental stages in your life, there will always be patterns of change. So what is self-change and how come it doesn’t just happen automatically? Through the eyes of an NLP Practitioner, you’ll see that all change is unconscious.

Synchronicity and NLP

Even if you don’t believe in this concept, it doesn’t matter. Things are going to happen whether you believe that things around you are intimately connected to you or not!

NLP & Positive Thinking

Dreams do come true

Some people may assume that NLP has a lot to do with positive thinking, affirmations and being ‘happy’. In fact, NLP has a lot to say about positive thinking and being, yet the story is more involved than that….