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NLP Books – 365 Ways to do your life’s work

In this theme of NLP books, I’ve added 365 ways to do your life’s work because it’s a huge part of being a creative and successful being. 365 ways to do your life’s work is a culmination of everything I’ve learned about self-development, plus the input of co-author Benjamin Bonetti (Mr Massive action) over my lifetime of experience.

Here’s some excerpts. Some are easier than others, so here I’ve classified them to match your level of commitment for a day. Sometimes you may want to take just a level one task (easier) and sometimes a heavy s*** task (level 3).

1 Sometimes it works to listen to incredibly loud music that you love. Find time today to listen to loud music with the intention of energising and exhilarating your brain – like having a brainwash and clearing the head from the noise of life!

2 Love yourself in many journeys of life. Today and into the future, prepare well for any journey you are taking; if it’s via aeroplane, take the snacks you love; if it’s by car, have you recorded great music to listen to. Wherever you go, take care of yourself in a way that you’ll love to receive when you are on the journey.

3 Take control of your life and your habits by not letting your day’s habits tell you what to do. Check out when you turn the TV on is the right time for your life. Does your stomach dictate when YOU eat? Start today to take control by taking at least ten seconds before you turn the TV on or start to cook a meal and ask if that’s the most important thing to do?

1Respect time, money, the environment, whether it’s yours or somebody else’s. Starting today, start respecting other people’s precious things, then you get looked after too. This is the law of reciprocity!

2 When you need a quick turnaround of results, who do you ask to work with you? Today, look at the projects you have and what’s not getting done as quickly as you’d like. If you want to get something done, ask a busy person. They get through things twice as quickly!!

3 Focusing makes life’s magic come to you. Today and into the future, start by doing one thing at a time. Turn off the TV if eating, so you can taste the food and have eating time. Do not text whist in company with others – give them 100% attention and text afterwards. Everything you do, give it 100% focus at a time.

You can find 365 Ways to Do Your Life’s Work at Amazon.com or a PDF ebook at NLP World

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