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…once again, you have been an absolute star, and am in awe at both you and Adam, in your ability to convey such complex information to a range of people with different educational and experiential backgrounds. I feel that without any doubt I made the right choice in being trained by you…
Andrew WrightSenior Performance AdviserSouth East. Youth Justice Board for England & Wales

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    Presuppositions for life – by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist Step by step: it’s as easy as your ABC’s I had amazing success using sports psychology with the under 17’s South African girls water polo team winning the Gold Medal in 2016. I armed myself with just one presupposition which I knew would work the best for these girls, There is no […]
  • the psychology of rapportThe Psychology of Rapport
    By Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The Psychology of Rapport – or unconditional positive regards as the psychological fraternity calls it, is a powerful yet elegant tool. In my opinion its elegance is founded in its simplicity (at first glance). If one had to take a simplistic or even reductionist view of rapport or the art of facilitating rapport, […]
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    What happens after your NLP Practitioner course? By Suzana Panasian. I finished my Practitioner training with Terry a couple of weeks ago. I came back home very enthusiastic -willing to revise the manual and my notes so that I can start using the NLP tools with my clients. But you know how it is. You get home, there are tons of stuff to do, I had one […]
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    One of those clients – The day nothing could be done I recently had what we in the psychotherapy business call, one of those patients. The type of patient that stubbornly and resourcefully clings to their beliefs. Regardless of what the environment/feedback is telling them (even that the earth is flat.) The kind of patient that inwardly really does […]