The Psychology of NLP

The Psychology of NLP written by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The Psychology of NLP. What I love most about NLP is its effectiveness. However, this effectiveness is built upon the client wanting to re-map some behaviour or decision-making pattern. This re-mapping/change only comes into play once the current behaviour, experience or decisions are causing unbearable… Continue reading The Psychology of NLP

The Psychology of Rapport

I was to be blown away by the delegate’s almost stupefied amazement as they began to feel and experience the power of rapport (for the first time for some). I recalled my first (conscious) encounter with rapport and how I was amazed and dazed by….

The Prison of Perceptions

Question: how do you connect to this world, this life you have been given and the strangers that cross your path daily – ‘armed’ with only your internal perceptions of what is reality? Perceptions are Projections. Perceptions are Projections. Yet let’s see if we can unveil the ‘mysteries’ of our minds. You are seeing this… Continue reading The Prison of Perceptions

NLP and Leadership Training

A look at how NLP is influencing leadership training: Written by Prakash Mani & Terry Elston Over the years leadership development has become big business in the training industry with the big corporate schools preaching their own research based training to small establishments building on common theory and good facilitation skills. One of the notable… Continue reading NLP and Leadership Training

Hypnotherapy And Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy and weight loss are phrases that have had a long relationship over the last twenty years. A constant barrage by the media constantly propagates the belief that people who weigh less are happier and possess a more positive outlook in life. However, if we look a little deeper than skin, perhaps we can find… Continue reading Hypnotherapy And Weight Loss

Is matching and mirroring in NLP manipulation? | NLP World

We are going to have a look at the concept of matching and mirroring in NLP and whether this is manipulation or not? Have you ever met someone and after 10 minutes of talking felt like you have known the person forever? Are there people you just naturally feel comfortable with and other with who… Continue reading Is matching and mirroring in NLP manipulation? | NLP World

Sensory Awareness with NLP

I made a transcript of a sensory awareness with NLP session from a training I delivered recently. This was a live training in the aspects of sensory awareness with NLP, therefore the grammar of written English may be somewhat compromised at times: What we’re going to look at now is one of the cornerstones of… Continue reading Sensory Awareness with NLP

How To Get Rid Of Presenting Fears With NLP

Making presentations of speaking in public is the second biggest fear worldwide. That’s why I’ve written this article about presenting publicly with NLP. The idea of publicly presenting sometimes drives fear into people so badly that they will get ill instead of making that performance. Sometimes it can even be a phobia of speaking in… Continue reading How To Get Rid Of Presenting Fears With NLP

UK University Recognised NLP Training

NLP World has a University recognised program in relationship with The Performance Solution, of NLP trainings that contribute towards an MA in Applied Coaching.
If you wanted to combine your NLP courses with us AND get credits towards your University MA, then look no further.