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Useful tips for NLP Practitioners

Useful tips for NLP Practitioners

Completing your NLP Practitioner Course can be life changing. Even if you haven’t noticed the changes yet, you might start to see that you’re responding to life differently over the next few months. Useful tips for NLP Practitioners:

time based techniquesAt NLP World we love to keep in touch with our Practitioners post-course, providing support and hearing about the magnificent successes that happen after the course. Over the years of running our courses we have taken note of the queries and questions that we get after the training. With that in mind, we have written this article to draw your attention to key points which will help you make the best possible transition from NLP Training back to the day-to-day world.

You might be starting to consider how to attract clients, your preferred target audience and how to keep that high level of empowerment you have felt during the course. There are probably many questions and discoveries that will continue to drop in for you as you start applying NLP back in your day-to-day life. Here is a selection of useful tips that other Practitioners have benefitted from post-training:

Live and breathe the fundamental pillars

We know that you know this. That said, there is so much to take away from the course and it’s easy to get caught up in what technique you are going to use and how to get it exactly right. Even over and above the techniques, it’s focusing on the key pillars that will have the greatest effect on your results. If you focus on utilising these as much as possible, you’ll attract more and more success. Here’s a reminder of the fundamental pillars:

Double BindsThe Presuppositions – We know you know the importance of this. That said, there is a difference between knowing them and embedding them into your day to day actions and behaviours. Can you list them all off the top of your head? If you listed them all, would you be able to note down a time that you lived out that belief over the last couple of days? Consciously intending to integrate them into your way of life will set you up for incredible success. Perhaps you could look over each one now and set yourself an action for the week ahead that will help you translate them into your reality. Here is a link to a reminder of you NLP Presuppositions them if your manual isn’t close by:

The The NOW State / Hakalau – Have you noticed how powerful this is in life yet? In the context of working with clients, this is gold dust! When you are expanded and aware, the client will feel your presence and the connection can deepen. Using the Now State will mean that you don’t get those old thoughts saying ‘you’re not doing it right, you shouldn’t have said it that way, what if the client doesn’t get the result’ etc. etc.

When you’re in the Now State you will be totally aware of everything you need in order to make your sessions run effectively. In the Now State it will be ok to not know. When you make it ok not to know, you’ll find that you know everything you need and you’ll have all the resources available to you.

The Now StateAside from seeing clients, the more you exercise your Now State ability, the quicker you can get into this state and the longer you can remain present. How much practise are you doing? What’s your record for how long you can be in the Now State? How happy will your mind be when you regularly reward it with this freeing, expansive, calming experience? Remember, intention is everything. What is your intention with the Now State? Perhaps you could dedicate some daily practise time or perhaps you will travel in the Now State on your day-to-day journeys? Whatever you decide to do, we cannot emphasise enough how important this is for you, your clients and your future. Enjoy it! Here is some further reading on The Now State.

Maintain an attitude of curiosity – You’ll know from training that generalisations and assumptions may limit your thinking whereas curiosity expands your thinking. As NLP Practitioners, we live in curiosity, lighting up our minds every day with questions rather than inner statements or conclusions. How about testing yourself to raise your consciousness in this subject?

curiosity nlpPerhaps you could pick a few days of the week where you are going to keep a notebook with you and jot down every inner thought you have that is a conclusion or generalisation without knowing all the facts. Then you can look back over them and switch them all into questions or better still, catch yourself doing it and ask a question at the time. This exercise and repeated consciousness of your inner language will help you develop the habit, if it’s not already there. If you catch yourself thinking ‘he didn’t like it when I said that’ or ‘she’s not interested in what I am saying’ or ‘that client will recommend me’, any internal thought that is not calibrated or based on facts, switch it to curiosity instead. Remember, facts can be proven in the court of law. If you think your partner is tired, check in and find out what’s happening. Being curious as opposed to making assumptions has been known to save relationships!

Often it’s the assumptions that create divide, whereas curiosity and learning about each other develops unity. Some conclusions that you have made might be accurate, yet as Practitioners, our success comes from being open to all possibility. Get relentlessly curious until your default is curiosity and notice the knowledge of treasures that come into the treasure chest.

Sensory acuity, we also call it Sensory Awareness – Before your course you probably already had a good read on your family and friends. Now you can apply the factual based calibration, looking out for skin tone, changes in breathing, lip size and lines and so on. Just as when you work out in the gym you get fit, when you exercise your abilities, you’ll get stronger. Rapport – If you start counting up the successes you have from rapport, imagine what that figure would be in a year. Only the other day I got out of a parking ticket using rapport. The best way to start living and breathing this is have fun with it. Each time you experience it making a difference, celebrate inside your system and each time you do, it will become so natural that you’ll easily and effortlessly attract great relationships and results.

Continue maintaining your inner garden

nlp assistantsDuring your course, you have probably done a lot of weeding and preparing the ground for planting new seeds for imminent growth. Would you pay for a gardener to come and maintain your garden if their garden was full of weeds and not well taken care of? Maintaining your inner garden will attract more clients your way. When they see that you’ve got great control of your mind and your state, they will want a piece of it.Now that you have done some great work during your course, you can keep putting logs on the fire and keep your power blazing. You’ve probably got a Resource Anchor set up or a Circle of Excellence. You can build on your anchor all the time. Naturally occurring states are immensely powerful. Next time you’re laughing hysterically or feeling high states of achievement, love, power, remember to add it on to your anchor. You can make your power button more and more powerful all the time. Ask yourself questions that raise your awareness of the changes you have made and are making. For example:

• What are you doing now that you were not doing before NLP?
• What are you not doing that you were doing before NLP?
• What happened during the day that would have triggered those old thoughts /
• What new thoughts are you experiencing that you were not experiencing before?
• How many old triggers have you overcome today and found yourself resourceful?

It always good to notice the great changes your unconscious mind has achieved. That acknowledgement and internal response will guide your mind to do more for you.
As the primary objective of the mind is to evolve, the more you clear up, new opportunities for development will appear. It’s natural that when you’re venturing into the unknown and developing a new career as an NLP Practitioner, you may stumble across the odd limiting thought. If you don’t get any limiting thoughts ever, even fleetingly, then you’re probably not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
The great news is that you have tools in the tool kit.

If you have a limiting thought like:

I can’t make enough money from NLP to leave my full time job because I don’t have guaranteed clients

You can challenge yourself to reframe it, just like you would with a client. How can you view your limiting thought from a new angle? Leave your personality out of it and imagine you are writing reframes for a client, see how many you can come up with and say them out loud to yourself. You’ll know how to reframe yourself when you give yourself the space to do it.

I can’t make enough money from NLP to leave my full time job because I don’t have guaranteed clients

You’re guaranteed to get more clients if you leave your full time job because you’ll have enough time to find them. I can’t make enough money from NLP to leave my full time job because I don’t have guaranteed clients. You’re guaranteed to not find enough clients if you can’t leave your full time job to commit to NLP.

Remember that these are just examples. The reframes are not true, the examples above are simply to illustrate examples of reframes and cannot be taken or received as recommendations/ advice. You are in charge of your mind and you know what is true or not for you. As a powerful being, you’ll know what reframes you want to allow into your system.

Aside from anchoring and reframing, you have the wonderful world of submodalities which you can have great fun with when using on yourself. You may think this is obvious and you may have already practised this on yourself, yet you would be surprised how easy it is to focus on clients and not use your talents enough on yourself. We encourage you to experiment with your internal representations and do as much work on your inner garden as possible.

That was part one:

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Written by Natalie Rea contact Terry Elston at and Natalie Rae at

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