NLP & Positive Thinking

Dreams do come true

Some people may assume that NLP has a lot to do with positive thinking, affirmations and being ‘happy’. In fact, NLP has a lot to say about positive thinking and being, yet the story is more involved than that….

How is Hypnosis different to NLP?

I get often get asked this question when I’m running my NLP and Hypnosis trainings around the world. The simple and most ‘chunked up’ answer is that they are the same, but have differences. In fact, some of the NLP you see and hear has come from modelling hypnosis techniques and then having the desire to find out how to get similar results with clients, yet with eyes open.

Spiral Dynamics

Here is a brief insight to the Values system called spiral dynamics and used in corporations and individuals to gain insight and understanding of human behaviour.

NLP and Your Spirit

One of the properties I love about NLP is its abilities to denominalize. What I mean by that is to take a word, noun or institutionalised cliché and take it back to its grounding or root/home.
So we’d better take a look at the word spirit first because we can have several different meanings to that.

NLP Training: The Basics

Let’s break down the name just a bit so you’ll understand the foundations before moving on. “Neuro” stands for the mind and how it influences and controls the body. It is much more than just the physical brain; rather, it is the way that the brain affects the body on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Inside Your Mind

NLP is a study of your inner world; yet it’s not about theory, it’s about practical application. The real school of knowledge does not reside in universities and scholastic rote. The school of knowledge lives inside you, like a seed that is waiting to unfold.

What is an NLP Practitioner?

I often get asked “What is an NLP Practitioner?” Or even “What is NLP?” How did NLP come into being? NLP came about through the process of modelling other spectacular performers in the fields of Family Therapy (Virginia Satir), Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls), Linguistics (Gregory Bateson – and others) and Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson). Both NLP… Continue reading What is an NLP Practitioner?

Presenting Skills NLP style!

I’ve seen a lot of presenters and a lot of those have been using presenting skills NLP style! So what’s different about NLP presentation skills? When I did my trainers course in 1999, I hadn’t much of an idea what goes into an excellent presentation. Isn’t it just about being confident and being yourself? No,… Continue reading Presenting Skills NLP style!

NLP Training: The Law of Attraction

How is it that so many people cannot get the Law of Attraction to work to their advantage? All people experienced with NLP and having gone through NLP Training would ask this simple question…

NLP Training – Sensory Awareness

Are you consciously aware of what is going on around you or inside of you?
How do you know what is really being said or motioned toward you?
Do you know if someone is lying or not?

Cryptocurrency and NLP

What has Cryptocurrency and NLP got in common?  Cryptocurrency and NLP have quite a few similarities. NLP teaches us that the world around us is made primarily of perceptions: That what we perceive as valuable IS valuable. What we believe to be damaging WILL be damaging. A kind of self-prophesying universe. If you watch the… Continue reading Cryptocurrency and NLP

Tips for NLP Practitioners | Part Two

Tips for NLP Practitioners | Part Two Identifying your target audience Some new Practitioners have asked me how to identify clients and wondered what kind of clients will attract the most business. The fact is, that there are so many people in need of our skills that opportunity is all around us. Let’s take a… Continue reading Tips for NLP Practitioners | Part Two