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The NLP Glossary Section of NLP World

The NLP Glossary has been the flagship of NLP World – this article talks about the NLP Glossary section of NLP World- and where it went.. and how it came back! Imagine this – you have a child or a loved one. You send them on a holiday with a trusted person who is going to spend time expanding their abilities and making them simply – better. Then, when they are supposed to come home, they go missing. That’s what happened to the glossary section for NLP World on my website. Put this into perspective. It took 15 years of massive work – 14 hour days and countless nights making NLP World the biggest source of information out there. We eventually got each keyword (mostly from the glossary section) onto the first page of google. That included all the pictures, videos, SEO alt tags, meta tags – you name it – for each page entry (there are about 250 pages in the glossary). Gone. I only noticed because my original webmaster, Zain Bador was doing some search engine optimisation and link-checking work on our newly rebuilt NLP World South Africa website. Terry Elston mad faceHe pointed out that every time he clicked a linked glossary page, it went to a 404 (technical term for a missing page). This happened shortly after a new installation of the site had occurred. “No problem” the web educated of you say, “just use the back up that every developer worth their salt would do before undertaking such a mission”. Yes you guessed it – they hadn’t! And no back-ups from Dreamhost we could use either. To cut a month long story short, we managed to find an old back-up from 2020 and the genius that is Mr. Bador made my ‘loved one’ come back to life. So I’m asking you – and Google – to take a look at some of the terms, in the reality that all terms will be indexed again as they were and all that work with be relived and revived on the www. Here are some of the terms from the Glossary.

NLP Glossary Terms: A

NLP Glossary Terms: B

NLP Glossary Terms: C

NLP Glossary Terms: D

NLP Glossary Terms: E

NLP Glossary Terms: F

NLP Glossary Terms: G

NLP Glossary Terms: H

NLP Glossary Terms: I

NLP Glossary Terms: K

NLP Glossary Terms: L

NLP Glossary Terms: M

NLP Glossary Terms: N

NLP Glossary Terms: O

NLP Glossary Terms: P

NLP Glossary Terms: Q

NLP Glossary Terms: R

NLP Glossary Terms: S

NLP Glossary Terms: T

NLP Glossary Terms: U

NLP Glossary Terms: V

NLP Glossary Terms: W

The NLP World Glossary is a huge asset to use and I hope you enjoy it! The NLP World Team
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